• 100 Strips/1000tabs Ambien 10mg by Safe Pharma = US$460
  • 500 Strips/5000tabs Ambien 10mg by Safe Pharma = US$2,300
  • 1000 Strips/10000tabs Ambien 10mg by Safe Pharma = US$4,600
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What is Ambien 10mg(ZOLPIDEM)???

This medicine is used to treat special type of sleeping disorder (Insomnia). This helps patients to sleep for longer hours and sleep faster. Also helps in lowering the number of wake up times in night.


Uses: Always read medicine label instructions properly before using this medicine, also follow your doctor instructions. Take this medicine directly by mouth on an empty stomach or as recommended by the doctor. Do not use this medicine after a meal and use this medicine one tablet per day. In case of missing any dose if less than 12 hours remaining for the next dose then leave that dose took the next dose on time.

Side- Effects: Here are the side effects listed below:

  • Dizziness
  • This medicine can make you feel sleepy during the day also.
  • Some serious side effects occurs like memory loss, mental disorder, worsening depression, hallucinations.
  • Severe allergic side effects, like rashes, dizziness, skin allergies, swelling, itching and trouble breathing.

This is not a complete list of all the side effects some time patients depends on patients health conditions also.

Precautions: Before using this medicine consult your doctor if you have any old medical condition and also if you have any allergic reactions symptoms.

  • In case of allergic reactions stop using this medicine and consult your doctor.
  • Never use this medicine with alcohol
  • In case of pregnancy stop using this medicine


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