Foot problems

What it is.

Foot problems refer to a variety of conditions and diseases related to the feet and legs. They can include problems such as flat feet, fungal infections, calluses, valgus deformity (foot eversion), osteoarthritis, cracked heels and others.

What it’s for

Foot problems arise from a variety of causes, including improper footwear, injuries, genetic predisposition, infections, age-related changes and prolonged stress on the feet. They can lead to pain, walking discomfort, restricted movement, and impaired quality of life.

Indications and contraindications

Indications for seeing a doctor for foot problems may include severe pain, swelling, skin changes, difficulty walking, or progression of symptoms. Contraindications may be related to conditions where certain treatments or procedures may not be safe or effective.

How to treat

Treatment for foot problems depends on the specific diagnosis. It may include wearing comfortable shoes, orthopedic insoles or supportive devices. Physical therapy, muscle stretching, use of antifungal medications, anti-inflammatory medications and surgery may also be used as needed.

The effects of using

Treatment for foot problems can help reduce pain, improve foot mobility, restore function and improve quality of life. It can also prevent progression of the condition and complications such as ulcers and infections.

Side effects

Side effects of treatment for foot problems may include temporary discomfort adjusting to new orthotics or shoes, rare cases of allergic reactions to medications and risks associated with surgery.

What types there are

Foot problems can come in many forms and diagnoses. Some of the common types include flat feet, fungal nail infections, valgus foot deformity, cracked heels and Achillobursitis.


When foot problems occur, it is important to see a doctor for diagnosis and to determine the most appropriate treatment. Self-treatment or ignoring symptoms can lead to worse conditions and complications. Regular foot care, choosing the right footwear and preventive measures can help keep feet healthy and prevent problems.

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